Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ideas for Valentine's Day

Now that the new year is underway, one of the next celebrations to look forward to - if you are happily loved up - is Valentine's Day.
Of course it's nice to think your partner knows how much you care and in an ideal world, you find ways to show it all year round.
But I always think it's a good opportunity to make an effort and really make them feel special.
My husband and I have a tradition that we do every year.
Rather than splash out on an expensive meal, we cook a surprise for each other - me taking care of the starter and dessert and Stuart, the main course.
We go to great lengths to ensure the other one doesn't discover what we are making.
It has gone slightly wrong twice - the first year when I cooked a gigantic fish pie each as a starter and then Stuart's main course was like two meals in one - leaving us both feeling a little full and unromantic!
And last year when, despite our dozens of cookbooks, we managed to cook the same starter and main course, with copious amounts of alioli to go with each.
Anyway, this year I hope to help a lot of people express their feelings in a unique way through my new website.
What better gift for Valentine's Day than I Love You written in the sand.
Or a simple heart drawn on a beautiful beach and photographed by me.
The pictures taken near Abersoch in North Wales are available as canvas prints at
Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

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